Monday, October 24, 2011

My yellow apron

Life's been pretty hectic lately. Hence, the reason for no posts last week. Crazy work hours, the kids off on fall break, and hubby out of town made it nearly impossible to spend any hours on extra curricular activities like this blog.

After a week of doing things just for the kids, I dragged the kids, all of them to the fabric store, just for me. There was a huge sale. Needless to say, I walked out of the store with yards of fabric.

I was finally able to get fabric for my craft room curtains. I also let the kiddos pick out their own fabric for pajamas. I came across these fabrics below and nearly spent an hour at the cutting table.

So many colors, but what to make....

An apron it is! I love aprons and I didn't have a half apron so, why not make one. Most of my aprons come from Anthropologie because I love the colors and the style. It still needs some cute buttons on the pocket, but I love it already.

The cutest thing about it is the fact it looks like a skirt.

The fabrics I used were: Quilter's showcase Large Floral white on yellow, Round Tile purple on white, Menswear gray on white.

Total price for this apron, only $4.48 ($2.49 per yard -50% off sale) + 20% off coupon. Cute apron, great price...can't beat that.

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