Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My one and a half sleeves

Here's my coat...well, sort of. I bought mine last winter so the belt is a little different. This coat is actually in this season's collection, but close enough. Do you see the long sleeves? They are SUPER long, five inches to be exact and because of that, I wore this coat only a few times.

I decided to finally alter the sleeves. I hate altering sleeves so I usually have it done for me, but since I had time on my hands, I might as well tackle it, right? Of course, nothing ever goes perfectly for me. In the middle of my alterations, my sewing machine went caput! Technically, I really just need to replace only one part, but it stop me dead in the tracks nonetheless so my coat is now looking, well...a bit like this

Can you see what is wrong? I know, it is now totally unwearable. Yes, I can hand sew, but since the stitches are not hidden, it would look REALLY obvious. Do I take my coat in to get it finished or wait for my sewing machine to be fixed? There's no turning back now, I'll wait since I already did one sleeve, I might as well alter the other one for consistency sake. Good thing, winter is still a couple of months away. Its a little too early for my sewing machine to already go into hibernation, don't you think?


  1. You can use my sewing machine!

  2. Thanks Cyndi! My machine is finally fixed!!!! Back to sewing for me.


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