Thursday, May 24, 2012

Closet Construction Part 2

Remember the kiddos' closet?

I finally made some progress. After hammering away one shelf, my hubby joined in on all the "fun" and took the rest down for me.

I was extremely grateful.

The walls got a little roughed up when the shelves were removed.

I added light weight spackle to the rough edges and sanded it down.

After the spackle dried, I decided to paint the walls an oatmeal color.  When we were shopping for homes, one of the model homes had a closet with black shelves and I loved it so I wanted to emulate it here, but after painting the shelf black, I was regretting it immediately.

The white shelves seemed to pop more against the color and it just felt cleaner so...

the next morning I painted away.  It took, not two or three, but SIX coats of white paint to cover the black.  In hindsight, I should have just primed beforehand.  In the end, I got my glistening white shelves back.  The color is decorator's white.

The shelves also got a new coat of paint after some quick sanding to repair the broken off shelves.

Last, but not least, I got one rod up!

Am I done?  Hardly.  I still have to build out my second shelf which will be a little tricky because I don't have a wall to support the left side so I will build a support for it.   If you are wondering where the closet system I bought is.  Well, its sitting in the hallway.  I took it out, held it up and thought it was too big for my closet and I thought it wouldn't match the left side (with white shelves) so I decided to build my own shelves.

So far, I've only spent $13.98 for a brushed nickel closet rod.  I already had left over oatmeal colored and white paint from repainting R.'s room.  I also already had spackle, wall anchors, nails and white caulk ready on hand.  The shelf I'm constructing will also be recycled from the shelves I tore down.  My budget was $150 for this reno, but it looks as though I will be coming WAY under.  Even with another closet rod, my spending total will only be $25.16 (I had a 10% coupon).  I guess I can splurge on the accessories hangers, baskets?  who knows...

Hopefully, I will be done with the second shelf this week.  Stay tuned!

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