Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Planting Plants

I've been waiting for mulch to be on sale to finish up my flowerbeds for the spring.  Low and behold, it came on sale for Earth Day!  Here's my flowerbeds looking a little scruffy.  You can see the landscaping fabric peaking through the mulch.

I decided to plant some begonias since they bloom throughout the summer and into the fall.

I also decided to plant a little herb garden.   My parsley didn't even last a day.  The rabbits had gotten to them.

 The kiddos picked these perennials.  I don't know what they are called.  By the time they were done planting them, they were covered in dirt from hands to toes.

So far, my hostas (big leaves you see) have returned  every year and have doubled in size so I decided to plant more.  They give beautiful white blooms in the summer.

 I haven't been too successful with hydrangeas, but I love them so I decided to give them one more shot.  Hopefully, they make it.

Our side flower beds have been really unsuccessful since it is so hot here in the summer.  I decided to plant some agapanthus.  They are supposed to be really drought tolerent. 

I'm so happy the rest of my plants are thriving.  Even my ornament grass has white blossoms this year. I've had them for three years and this is the first they have bloomed!

I'm glad to be done with planting as the weather is getting hotter every day.  A few more weeks and my kiddos will be diving into the pool every day to cool off.

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