Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas in the Kids Rooms

I've seen some people go as far as the bathroom and maybe kitchens for Christmas decor. Not, me. If you haven't noticed, I love Christmas so it goes in EVERY room in the house. That's probably why it takes me several days of several hours to finish decorating for this holiday.

For E.'s room, I changed out the roman shades from khaki to red. It adds a little Christmas spirit to the walls and he absolutely loves the color change.

Next, we need Christmas sheets, right? After all, you have to be getting some Christmas cheer while you sleep too. I asked E. which Christmas sheets he liked and instead of examining the different patterns. He took it one step further, by rubbing the sheets to his cheek. After deciding which sheets were the softest to his skin, he chose this set.

I also change out the comforter to match. I decided upon this red velor quilted one.

R. gets to decide upon his sheets as well. Despite the fact that he has his own room, he enjoys sleeping in E.'s room. He decides upon little penguins. So cute!

Of course, a room in my house would not be complete without a Christmas tree.

Am I crazy? The kids absolutely love having their own tree in their room. Price tag for this 6 footer was $1.99 at Target's 90% off sale a few years back.

Since the tree is in E.'s room, it must of course follow his Super Mario theme, right? I found these ornaments on ebay direct from China for only $10. There are so many ornaments on their tree, I had to tell them to stop. I must say, it makes me giggle every time I see it though because it reminds me of how excited they are to decorate their tree exactly how they want.

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  1. The sheet E picked out, we have those exact ones on the master and guest beds. Ashlan has pink snowmen sheets on her bed!


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