Monday, November 29, 2010

Time for Christmas Decor

My all time favorite holiday would be Christmas. I love the smells of Cinnamon around the house. I love driving home and seeing my house lit up with Christmas lights. I love sitting on the sofa with a hot drink just staring at the lit Christmas tree and remembering great memories.

Every year, I am "the" decorator of Christmas. If my husband had anything to say, he would be happy with a simple tree. Of course, that isn't me. So each year, I climb our attic and haul down our decor. Here is just a fraction of what I have accumulated in the last two decades.

We have a tree downstairs for looks and the kids have a tree upstairs in their playroom which belongs to them. Each year, they choose the ornaments that go on it and they do a pretty good job. Of course, there are heavy spots near the bottom (whatever they can reach), but I love this imperfect tree. It is always colorful, always fun, and definitely all about them.

The kids tree has 365 unique cut out snowflakes. Years ago, I bought a desk calendar that was about paper cutting. At the end of the year, I had a box full of these snowflakes which I thought would be perfect for the kids tree.

Imperfectly unique and I love it. Do you do anything traditional with the kids?

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