Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Project

My birthday is coming up soon and what do I want? I want to redo R.'s room again. It's been half done for while now since I painted it his favorite color blue. Two years ago, it looked like this.

Excuse the mess. We were putting away Christmas decorations at the time. Since then, I painted it a very bold blue. It's actually a little darker than this picture has it, but it is still a very strong color.

I've been walking around hardware stores every day this week for a little research and decided to actually start the board and battan idea I had eons ago. You can read about it here.

I bought paint yesterday. Fortunately for me, there was a sale. I got a gallon of VOC (volatile organic compound) paint for only $10. I know, the name sounds a little scary, but it is just paint that is made from earth friendly products like soybean so it non-toxic and it doesn't smell! I'm excited to try it out and with the $24 price discount, it was too good to not go for it.

My goal is to have at least the bottom wall painted white before my birthday. Wish me luck. If I get the entire project done (just the board and battan part of it) by Saturday, it will be a miracle, but it will definitely be a great birthday gift. My next goal is to build R. a new bed since the sleigh bed is a little too "old" for his room. I can't wait to get this project started.

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