Monday, January 31, 2011

Painting never ends

It was my mission to finish painting this weekend. Had I liked the paint color, I would have been done, but it is simply never that easy for me. I started with a very blue room.

Then I painted the bottom of the room white (the board and batten portion of the walls).

I thought I was going to cry when I painted on the 4th coat of paint. It seemed like the blue simply did not want to be covered up. All that painting of white to discover that it was way too bright for me. They only sold ultra pure white at Home Depot (I prefer Behr paint). Needless to say, taking out a pair of shades to enter a room is a no no in my book so I went on down to Lowe's for them to color match my molding which had a hint of gray in it. However, before I drove down to the store, I painted the top portion of the walls a grayish blue color.

It was way too dark for the space and a little too mature for a kids room.

You know what that means. I ended up repainting the walls a khaki color.

So you are asking, "what's up with the three colors???" Originally, I was going to try to save some money and have the board and battan stop at 4 feet tall. Since it comes in 8 feet lengths, I could maximize the wood. However, I don't like the look at all so I am going back to my original height of 5.5 feet for the battan height.

Therefore, I didn't have to repaint the entire blue portion.

I will repaint the white with my mixed color, but that will have to wait till next weekend. My poor walls have 7 coats of paint on them already. Isn't that crazy? If at first you hate the color, paint, paint, and paint again!

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