Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painting the boards

I can honestly say that this project has been one of the longest projects that I have worked on. Landscaping my entire backyard may be the only project that has taken longer. I'm not quite done with this just project yet, so it may come to be the longest.

I finally had a chance to run out to get some putty and caulk. I ran out on my last project (my kitchen cabinets) which still needs to be stained. My to-do list just keeps growing and growing.

When I first had an inspiration to board and batten this room, I had no idea it would be this time-consuming. I've multiplied the time definitely by changing my mind so many times. I did get a chance to paint the boards this weekend. It took three coats of paint. I had a dejavu moment when I painted the third coat. Just two weeks prior, I was painting 4 coats of white on my walls.

That's when I intended to not board the walls, but just place batten right on top of the existing walls. However, our walls were too textured and the battens on top of them didn't give the look or feel that I wanted. Therefore, I splurged and went ahead and bought the boards.

It's starting to come around, but taking a long time to do so. The boards are actually pieces of luan (5/8" thick) which is great because I could place them right on top of our existing baseboards instead of having to rip those off.

I got rid of the tiny seam with just a little caulk.

So, can you slowly see what my vision is?

Stay tuned! I'm totally exhausted, but I will get this done.

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