Friday, July 15, 2011

Junk drawer no more

Everyone has a junk drawer right? I have a tiny drawer that is so filled that you can only open the drawer half way. After trying to find a working pen for the upteenth time yesterday, I decided to clean it out.

Here is a picture of one of the drawers emptied (hence the filled counters) and the other one looking rather junky.

As I was cleaning, I looked over and A. had fallen asleep at the dining table with snack still in his mouth.

A few hours later, yes it took me that long. I had to test every pen so that the only ones that returned to the drawer were working ones. I decided to swap my drawers, making my junk drawer the larger one. I found the white tray in my garage needing a new home.

Ahhh...much better. Now I can see exactly what I have.

When I have the motivation, I'll tackle A.'s closet which has been my junk closet since I've moved in. I'm sure, he'll eventually want his closet back. :)

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