Friday, July 2, 2010

Kid's Picnic Table

My goal for the day is to build this for the kiddos.

I need to also find a place that will make this

Since my sister will also have a Vietnamese Wedding ceremony. We need to find her a dress maker that can make her an "ao dai," also known as a Vietnamese gown. Mine is in a closet somewhere. I wonder if I can still fit it. On my wedding day, because of trying to juggle every aspect of it (from making all the flower arrangements to decorating the reception) I had inadvertently lost so much weight that my dress no longer fit correctly. To stay up, my aunt had to pin the dress to me that morning. I know, there are worse things to have happen on your wedding day :)


  1. my husband built one... and everyone at our most recent garage sale tried to buy it. i had to tell about 20 people that it wasn't for sale, but that we were just using it to put stuff on.

  2. What kind of finish did you do? I am having trouble deciding what color to paint it.


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