Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fabric Shopping

I went fabric shopping with my sister this past weekend and she decided upon these two fabric choices.

living room

dining room

Pkaufmann Uzbek Jewel

We left empty handed because the living room fabric was only 30% off in the store (if I waited for it to not be on sale, I could use a higher percentage coupon on it) and the dining room fabric was a special order with no discount (which I would have to pay shipping for). That could get really expensive at $12.99/yd x 31 yards and $39.99/yd x 13 yards plus the shipping charges. I knew I could probably find the fabrics cheaper online and if not, we'd return to order the fabrics with my coupons I had.

I did find both fabrics online and what was even better was that the living room fabric was 60% off while the dining room fabric was 50% off!!!! Whoo-hoo. I googled for more discount codes and found a free shipping code and a 15% off total purchase code. I can only use one code so since the 15% off code was twice the discount, I decided to redeem that one. By doing a little research, I was able to save nearly $500!

If I had ordered the fabric at the store with the store price and my printable coupons, I would have spent $910.74, but by buying the fabric online and using an additional online code, I was able to purchase all my fabric for $416.28 which is still pretty high, BUT it did save $494.46! I'll be making 12 curtain panels with the fabric so in the end each panel would be roughly $34. That's a fraction of the cost at PB for 12 foot curtains. Can't wait for them to come in and it isn't even my fabric, but since I volunteered to make them, I'm excited nonetheless!

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