Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a difference a 7 year old can make

We've had a pool for a year now and it still scares me thinking about what can happen. I've heard about a couple of drownings recently which have definitely made me more uneasy than ever. Because of that, we don't go swimming unless there are at least 2 adults watching (we do have four kids, you know...) Even then, things can change in a split second.

This past weekend, while in the pool, while ironically talking about all the recent accidental drownings, R. was swimming behind us with his barbell like this.

E. was right next to him, playing with him. R. decided that he would let the barbell go and try to swim without letting anyone of us know.

Since, he couldn't, he went under. Even though, my husband was only half an arm's length away from him, he didn't hear anything. E. saw it happen, swam to his brother and tried to push him to the steps. My seven year old saved his brother. After screaming R.'s name, my husband turned around and noticed what had happened and ever since then, I can't help, but get teary eyed whenever I look at E. I have never felt more proud and when I told him that, his response was simply, "I just had to save him." He definitely taught me that it doesn't matter how old you are, or how small you are, you can still make a difference. How blessed am I to have the kids that I have.

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