Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going Bowling

My kids love bowling so it is great that the program, kidsbowlfree allows them to bowl all summer long for free. I did have to pay for the shoe rentals. I contemplated ordering some bowling shoes online, but wanted to make sure they enjoyed it enough to keep going back. Our first trip this summer to the bowling alley was a blast! Can you feel the love?

Everyone participated, even my little 3 year old. I love this picture. It depicts how heavy the ball is for him.

..but don't worry, that didn't stop A. from giving all that he had.

"Oh, yeah, I did it."

Up next was R sporting an actual bowling shirt he got as a favor at a bowling birthday party. Great idea or what? I just may have to nab that idea.

Finally, E. is next to bowl.

"I got a spare! I'm pretty strong!"

It was fun so much fun! I have requests to go next week so I guess this activity was definitely a hit!

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