Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wired Up

I've always been against waking up to a t.v. in my bedroom, but when my hubby graduated from law school, the first thing he wanted to do was buy a flat screen for our master. Smaller to me was better. I tried to get him to find a size that would fit behind an armoire.

Of course, that is not what happened. Therefore, I have been staring at this monster for several years now. Don't you love the wires?

I've tried be creative by hiding the wires behind photographs, but in the end, it looked cheesy. Therefore, my dad came to the rescue this weekend with a solution. He cut a hole in the wall.

He pulled the wires through the wall

and with the help of my brother in law, the wires vanished.

I guess, if I have to look at this monstrous t.v., at least I now don't have to look at all the wires that come with it. Thanks Dad!

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