Monday, August 13, 2012

Kitchen Renovations - Installing a New Range

My sister has been working on her kitchen for quite some time now.  This is how the previous owners had their kitchen.  It was very traditional.  With the dark wall paper and ceilings, she knew she had to brighten it up.

First came paint.   She choose a vibrant turquoise color, knowing she would paint her cabinets white.

Next came the appliances.  She replaced her wall oven and cooktop with an all in one stainless steel range, giving her a double oven.  This was a must because the oven was broken the day after they moved in!

To install the range, her hubby had to first remove the old appliances.  He removed the seal around the cooktop with a putty knife and lifted it off the counter.


 A saw was used to cut the outer edge of the cabinet, enabling the new range to be able to slide into place.

The old wall oven was removed from the cabinet.  

What was left was the bottom cabinet.  Since the range would sit right onto the floor, this bottom board wasn't necessary and needed to be removed.

Voila!  After the removal, a little cleaning was in order.   


The new range could be put into place now.

One appliance down, two more to go.  Next up, the microwave, but that will have to wait for another day.

Thanks to my sister for letting me talk about her kitchen and posting her pics.  You can check out her site here

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