Monday, August 6, 2012

Painting a Tray

I saw this tray at Target on clearance and although the numbers on it weren't exactly my style, I thought it had potential.  At only $5.98, marked down from $19.99, the price was low enough for me to experiment on.

I first removed the back of the tray.

 Then I sanded down all the edges so paint would adhere better.

I used this primer and sprayed a light coat.

I sprayed about two coats of primer letting it dry in between.


Once that was dry, I sprayed it with this yellow spray paint.

It took several coats.  It was 105 degrees outside so by the time I sprayed one coat, it was basically dry enough for me to spray another one

After I was done, I waited a day before putting it back together.

Remember what it looked like before? Here's a reminder


And now, it looks like this:

It looks so different from what it started with.  I really love the canary yellow.  I thought of using it in the office as a tray for drinks or the remote control.  Ignore the ottoman, it will get a new do when I find the right fabric.  The legs will need a new color as well.

I could also use it to add yellow to the opposite side of the room by placing it on the desk under the lamp.

I haven't decided exactly where to place it, but I love the color so much.

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