Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Library Book Sale

With e-readers these days and weekly visits to the library, the last time I actually bought a book was at my kids book fair to support their school.  Our library hosts an enormous book sale each year.  They rid themselves of thousands of books.   The picture below depicts about a fifth of the size of the room we were in.

Children's books were only 50 cents and hardcovers were only $2.  What was even better was that you could fill an entire bag for only $10. 

The kids had a blast going though everything.  We ended up with 22 books.


Here are my great finds.  Since I rely so heavily on the internet and reading off of my tablet, I rarely buy any books for myself.  I was looking for books that would make great coffee table books.  

When I saw this yellow book standing out among the others, I took a closer look and loved it.  It will go great in the office to add that pop of yellow to the bookshelf and at 45 cents, it was the perfect price.  I used my old National Geographic Magazines on the top shelf for additional yellow.

I snagged a few vintage books from my parents library while I was visiting.  They were just going to recycle them.  Can you believe it?

I love it.  The room is slowly coming together.

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