Friday, August 10, 2012

Turning a Placemat into a Pillow

 I saw this yellow lattice place mat at Target and loved the fabric.  I looked for the napkins, thinking that I could make a pillow out of it.  When I found the napkins, I discovered it was a print while the place mat had an embroidered surface that I liked so much more.  It was also only $3.99 so I was sold.

First, I removed the bias tape on the edge.  I used a seam ripper which made the job a cinch.

The place mat was a rectangle and I wanted a square pillow so I folded one edge over. 

I cut right on that edge to make the square.  

I'm left with this piece.  I hadn't cut the trim off yet.   The next step would be to cut off the trim, saving the far right edge to be re-used.

 I stuffed the place mat to make it into a pillow and pinned the white bias along the edge.

I hand sewn the white trim.  You could skip this step and automatically pin the yellow bias tape right on top, but I thought it would be easier.

I added the yellow bias tape and pinned in place.

I machine stitched it to complete the look.  

It goes great in the room.

Who knew a place mat would be such a lovely pillow?

Total price was only $3.99 since I had the pillow stuffing already.


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