Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baskin Robbins Family Night

Work has been quite busy and I have been coming home later than usual. To compensate a little, I decided I would take my kids to get their favorite ice cream. Its been a while since I have heard them scream so loudly. They were so ecstatic. The favorite in our house is mint chocolate chip. What was even better was that every Tuesday night after 5:00PM are family nights at Baskin Robbins and they offer $1 Kids scoops and $1.50 Adult scoops.

I know, ice cream before dinner? It didn't matter to me. Watching them enjoy their treat was worth it. They promised me they would eat their dinner and they did so that is all that matters, right? Who cares if dessert came first? On our way home, I had to also promise them we would go play at Old Mac Donald's (mc donald's) on Friday. They have me wrapped around their little fingers and they know it.

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