Friday, March 12, 2010

The pool takes its shape

This week, short plumbing, electrical and gunite all went into the pool. This process has been astonishingly quick.

The rain did delay the plumbing, but as soon as we had a clear day, they were out laying pipes.

These are the jets for our spa.
Now shaping the pool is gunite. Workers spray the gunite over the steel . Once it is in place, another person shapes the pool with a trowel. Gunite is sprayed dry and as it comes out of the hose, it is mixed with water.

Four hours later, you have the pool's shape. It will take 2 weeks to cure. During that time, we are to water and keep it moist. While the gunite is curing, pool equipment and tile selection will take place.
The steps into the pool.There will be a little water fountain in our tanning ledge.I decided to go with a very simple water spill from our spa to emulate the grotto that will occur on the other side.The finished product of gunite.Our next big step in a couple of weeks will be tile and stone. Afterward, we will add the pool finish and it will be done!

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  1. wow! that's pretty quick! the pool will be finished in no time :)


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