Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pool Process - A mountain is created

They started the stonework on the pool last week. I asked for a dry stack of the stones for the spa and this is how it started. There is no exterior grout shown, hence, "dry stack." I had no idea how labor intensive it took. An entire day's worth of work is shown in the picture.

Add in another day and the spa looks almost complete.

The third day created the final look of our spa.

I was a little shocked when I saw the cascades because that was exactly what I didn't want. I wanted a large flat boulder that laid across the top, creating a small waterfall onto the bench that sat below the spa.

Our pool builder was so gracious and wonderful. I didn't make a big deal about and was wondering if I could live with it, but he said I shouldn't have to. All I needed was to find a picture of what I wanted and he would recreate that look for me in my pool. I did my massive hour long search and did find a picture of what I envisioned the spill to look like, BUT I decided to keep the cascades instead. Looking at the whole picture, I thought it was a safer choice for my kids. The boulder I wanted would extend beyond the spa and knowing my kids, they would stand on the seating below and knock their heads on it. Also, it mirrors the slide steps on the other side of the pool so I am keeping it as is and am happy about it. I guess this is just a happy mistake.

Here is a picture of the opposite side of the pool. The boulders connect the spa to the slide.

Our coping around the pool.

Here is the start of the massive grotto slide. Day 1 was only the start. You couldn't even tell in the beginning what it would be.

Day 2 was all about foundation. Cinder blocks were used as a foundation to hold up the large boulders.

Day 3 was finishing all the stone work. They covered all the cinder blocks and finished the stairs.

The stairs are just what I ordered. My 1 year old can climb those steps. I must say that while I was at the top, it was a bit scary. I was nearly 6 feet high.

Over all pictures of the stone process.

Here's our mountain. It is crazy.

The tile company did not have the tile we selected so we have to wait on that. The company says 3-4 weeks, but the pool builder is trying to expedite the shipment and get it in 3 days. Until then, this is our pool. It is without tiles, but it has come miles. I cannot believe this was created in only 25 days! The process is occurring in record time as far as I am concerned.

3 weeks to go and I couldn't be happier.

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