Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disney On Ice

We took the kids to Disney On Ice last night since they all loved it so much last year. Getting my boys to sit still is a difficult thing to do, but last year, their eyes were glued to the center ice watching their favorite characters skate around. This year was no exception. A is older and he definitely enjoyed the show. He was such in aw. I spent most of the night watching my kids watch the show, rather than watch the show itself.
This year, we opted for closer seats, but to get those seats, we needed to go on a school night. The weather was horrible. It poured just as we got there and was still pouring when it was over. However, it was worth it. She show was even better than it was last year, incorporating even the latest characters such as the Princess and the Frog characters. How do they skate around with those masks on? Toy Story 3 is coming out and my kids have been anxiously awaiting for it this summer. They were so excited to see their characters twirl in the air.
When we got home, all the kids crashed. That alone, made the show worth it. Can't wait for next years show.

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