Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Building a Clubhouse

Here's our swing set. Against the newly stained fence on the right, it looks a bit scruffy. I had always believed that this swing set would be gone in a couple of years since I hadn't seen the kids use it all that much.

Of course, they proved me wrong this week when I forced them to be outside with me as I stained the fence. Sorry, but I just couldn't trust three kids under the age of 7 all by themselves for too long, even if I were just right outside.

The roof tore off so their "fort" is roofless. As I was staining the fence, I decided to give their swing set a face lift by re-staining it as well.

It was a bit of an eye sore before.

Three hours later with a coat of stain, it looks new again (well, as much as it could without a roof).

The swing set has never looked like the picture on the box. We've moved the slide around, never installed the rope ladder or the glider swing because the kids were always too young, but now, I'll have fun taking all those things out, but at the same time, we are converting the second story to a club house. I plan on enclosing the open areas, moving the window to the other side and re-roofing. The kids have decided they no longer want the sand box as well. If the second story goes well, I may install a new floor and walls for the first floor as well. I have the wood, just need to find the time. I am excited about this project.


  1. I'm considering doing the same thing. Post any new pictures or ideas.

    1. Hey Matt, look here: for pictures of the completed clubhouse.


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