Thursday, March 29, 2012

Target Toys for CHEEEP

Do you need any toys for Easter? I don't need any, but I simply couldn't resist the great Target deals this week.

Here's the dealio.

Scrabble Flash, Yatzee, Simon, Electronic Banking Monopoly, and Bop IT XT are on sale this week for $15 (retails for $24.99). Use the $5 Target coupon AND the Hasbro manufacturer coupon for $5 to get it for only $5.00 PLUS you will get a free Hasbro card game with your purchase (free card game with a $10 Hasbro game purchase). That's a $6.89 card game for zilch.

Battleship is on sale for $10 (retails for $18.99). You can use the $3 Target coupon and the $3 Hasbro coupon to bring it down to only $4. You will also get a free card game with this purchase as well.

The Match up game and Heroes action figures are priced $6.99, using the $3 Target coupon and the $3 Hasbro coupons, this brings the price to 99 cents.

There are other scenarios you can opt for, like choosing Candyland, Chutes and Ladder, or Cootie for $1.49 after coupons and Operation, or Connect 4 (I don't remember the prices for these).

For me, the total retail price of everything came out to be $142.49, but I spent $21.97. Using my Target Visa, I brought the total down to $20.87. With tax, that's a savings of $131.65, which is over 85% off. The only thing I'll keep for the kiddos is the Simon Flash game. The rest of the toys will be donated. I'm so excited. My donation stack is growing and it is only the beginning of the year.

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