Friday, March 30, 2012

Swingset Progress

I've been slowly working on the swing set.

I've restained it, moved the slide, and moved the window. The window is now on the right.

I've added a chalk board inside.

There is also a window with window sill on the other side.

Here's where I'm at right now.

I may or may not add trim around the edges. I am undecided if I want it to look more rustic. The kids want to put flooring down on the first floor, but my hubby does not. I'll decide later if I want to build a removable floor or not. It will be heavy, but it will be win win for both.

It's slowly progressing. I need to stain the inside of the new pieces, build the roof, install new handle bars, install the rope ladder (maybe), change out the toddler swing with a hanging bar or glider. I think the kids have vetoed the glider, but we'll see. I also envision a pulley system, doors on the windows, a mailbox, and railing around the first floor if I decide to add flooring.

Much to do so it will be a while before I finish.


  1. hi! I've been reading your blog for 2 days now. In fact, I had to find out from google today on how to go back to your site when I first visited you yesterday because I couldn't remember what the name of your blog is. (CTRL-H, btw.) I'm so amazed at the way you keep track of your projects at every step and the photos you've created... so pretty, so interesting. I will definitely put you on my blogging lists of people to visit often.

    You're so right, your entries do inspire :)

    BTW, you have lovely kids, too...

  2. Thanks so much! Your words are so sweet and much appreciated.


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