Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

The word busy is an under statement when it comes to describing my life at the moment. I barely have enough time to sleep. I wake up at 3:30 a.m. to be at work by 4:30 in order to be home early for my kids when they get home from school. After dinner, homework, piano lessons, bath time, play time, it is then time for me to start landscaping for the day, sometimes working another 2-3 hours on my back yard. This has been my life for the past couple of weeks. I am a little burned out to say the least. I leave for work in the dark and don't come inside until way after dark. After the light is gone and I can no longer see to do landscaping, I am inside reupholstering lawn furniture. I often contemplate how much more I can accomplish if I didn't have to sleep. My sister thinks I am crazy. My husband thinks I am crazy and maybe I am crazy, but I know all the hard work I am putting in will be worth it in the end. My goal is to be completely done with my backyard within two weeks. E.'s pool party is then so I want everything to be perfect. Hopefully, I won't end up killing myself by then.

Monday To-Do List
  • Finish landscaping with rocks on the pool side.
  • Plant the red-tip photinias on east fence
  • Plant nectarine tree on east yard
  • Lay down landscaping fabric on west yard.
  • Buy and lay mulch on west yard.
  • Sod West yard
  • reupholster all of the lawn furniture
  • buy chaise and umbrella
  • sit in the spa and relax
  • make cupcake stand
  • finish princess peach crowns
  • gather goodies for birthday
  • wrap gifts
The hardest part about looking at this list is the fact that I cannot do any of them this week. I am out of town because of work and can't start my list until I get back. I don't know what is worse, having a super long list for the week or not being able to do the list until the week is nearly over. I can't wait to return home to see my babies. I miss them so much. I know I have wonderful kids when I hear that they do what I ask of them even when I am not around. I'm such a lucky mom.

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