Sunday, May 2, 2010

Retro Aprons

A few years ago my sister asked me what I wanted and I told her I needed an apron so she got me this:

I know, it isn't the most fashionable apron in the world, but it did it's purpose. Then last year, I found the Emmeline apron pattern by Sew Liberated online. I didn't want to spend the money to buy the pattern at first, but in the end I couldn't resist.

I found some cheap fabric at the store and started making a bunch of these aprons as Christmas gifts for my family since we are really all about the gifts you can't buy.

I loved the way it turned out, but I haven't used it because I don't want to wash it and ruin it. Yes, I am nutty that way. My first of anything is usually a prototype and after playing around and adjusting things, I then make "the" official one. My sister got tired of seeing my apron not being used and me using what she calls my hideous apron (which she did give me) decided that I needed a new one so she bought me one from Anthropologie. It is the daintree apron that I am currently using.

It's super cute and I love the ruffle detail at the neckline. It really inspires me to make another retro or vintage apron.

The other day while I was shopping for E.'s Super Mario Cap fabric, I found "the" apron fabric for my next inspiration. Well, I found two and couldn't resist. They are both Alexander Henry's fabrics and best of all they were on sale!

The fabric on the left is "juicy lemon" while the one on the right is called "pears and apples." Now that I have my fabric, I need a new sewing inspiration. Seeing how I love the apron my sister gave me, I sought out Anthropologie aprons and found these that I LOVE.

The first one is my favorite. I love the ruffle detail and the piping on the band. In googling to see what other Alexander Fabrics there are, I discovered I am not the only one that likes this fabric choice for making an apron. Other inspirational pieces using my fabric:

That's my Emmeline apron!

Can't you see Lucy in "I love Lucy" wear this apron? I love the polka dotted red print as well.

The classic apron.

Love. I think I want to make this one.

This one is super adorable as well.

These look almost like dresses.

I am super excited to start sewing. I don't know when I will have the time though. My "wanna-do" list is a mile long at this point. Too many inspirational projects lurking in my head with not enough time. Too bad I can't buy time. I have exchanged sleep for time on many occasions, but I am definitely starting to run out of sleep as well. So does any one want to lend me some time or sleep for the matter???

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