Monday, May 10, 2010

The Pool Process - Landscaping Part II

It has been non-stop landscaping for the past three weeks. Every extra minute we have, we have devoted it to digging, planting, edging, rocking, and mulching our backyard to get it done. We are so close.

We finally finished planting all our trees and shrubs. We edged half of our yard this weekend. We finished the pool side and now the flowerbeds are done on the east side of the yard. What remains is the west side of the yard. We ran out of rocks and need to buy a lot more.

We also have to sod the east side of the yard. The buckets below only depict a fraction of plants that were planted in our yard.

I can't wait until we are done with landscaping. I hope to lay sod tonight. Good bye my mud pit. I won't miss walking around in it. We had to buy a scraper for our shoes because it was so bad.

Monday To-Do List (from last Monday)
  • Finish landscaping with rocks on the pool side.
  • Plant the red-tip photinias on east fence
  • Plant nectarine tree on east yard
  • Lay down landscaping fabric on west yard.
  • Buy and lay mulch on west yard.
  • Sod West yard (hopefully today!)
  • reupholster all of the lawn furniture
  • buy chaise and umbrella
  • sit in the spa and relax (pool isn't even ready yet so can't do this one)
  • make cupcake stand (goal is by Friday)
  • finish princess peach crowns
  • gather goodies for birthday
  • wrap gifts

New to my list
  • Set up new dining set
  • Put together new grill
  • Set up seating area
  • Clean side yard bricked area with pressure washer
  • Install solar lights
  • Brick area around air conditioner units
  • Hem hubby's pants
  • Wrap sister's b-day gifts (just in case you are wondering, sis, I did get you something pretty)

My goal is to get all of this done by Saturday. With a full time job, I am keeping my fingers crossed this is possible. Right now, it seems like an impossible list, but knowing me, I probably won't sleep to get it all done. :)

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  1. You have quite the to-do list! Your yard looks like it is coming along nice. Cant wait to see it complete.


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