Sunday, May 16, 2010

To-do List

I am shocked at how much I accomplished this past week. I managed to get all the landscaping tasks done. This week I am concentrating purely on E's birthday party.
  • reupholster all of the lawn furniture
  • Sod West yard

No more mud pit! I'll tell you later how I laid sod.
  • buy chaise and umbrella --> sold out of the chaise I wanted!
  • sit in the spa and relax (couldn't get spa to work)
  • make cupcake stand --> didn't meet my goal
  • finish princess peach crowns

Originally I was going to sew these crowns with felt, but due to lack of time, I designed and printed them out instead. They don't look bad, but if at the end of the week, I manage to find the time, and if only a few girls RSVP, I may end up sewing them.
  • gather goodies for birthday
  • wrap gifts
  • Set up new dining set

I put it together and we had a lovely dinner on the porch.
  • Put together new grill

I couldn't believe how many pieces it takes to put this grill together. If I had known there were so many pieces, I would have definitely let them install it. At the same time, every time I look at it, I will feel some sort of accomplishment for putting it together. We have already put the grill to good use. Just minutes after the last screw was place, we fired it up.
  • Set up seating area

  • Clean side yard bricked area with pressure washer

We finally were able to move all the pots of dirt away. Doesn't it look clean now?
  • Install solar lights

I love my solar lanterns. I bought them 7-8 months ago even before we started the pool process. We have them all around our landscaping and I love them. My only regret is not buying more than I did.
  • Brick area around air conditioner units

Physically, this was a lot of work. I still have cramps in my hand from pounding the bricks with a mallet to get it level. It was worth it because we got rid of all the extra bricks we just had lying around.
  • Hem hubby's pants
  • Wrap sister's b-day gifts

No pic of my sister's wrapped presents, but I did buy her some necklaces that looked some what like this. Do you like the flower?

New this week
  • Get goodie buckets together and labeled.
  • Buy candy and fill eggs for egg hunt
  • Make cupcake stand!
  • Finish scratch cards
  • Make ruffly pillows (this one is for me).
  • Figure out how to get the spa ready
  • Study for CISSP (exam I have to pass for work)
It doesn't seem to be as bad as last week.

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