Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Snow Day

I managed to make it to work yesterday. It took me twice as long, but it was nice to leave the house. Today, I planned on going to work, but my husband's attempt to leave has stopped all of us in our tracks.

This is my house right now:

I tried to walk outside before everyone's foot prints, but my hubby left two after attempting to leave for work.

His car got stuck and is currently at the end of the drive way...the driveway that is filled with a couple of inches of snow.

It looks like a few inches came down last night. We will be home bound again. At least today we can have some fun outside instead of being completely cooped up inside all day. I especially like the little rabbit tracks I see everywhere in my yard.

Yesterday was Chinese New Year's so Happy New Years! It's the year of the rabbit so perhaps they were running with joy? I am so ready for the roads to be clear again.

So much for making it into work today.

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