Tuesday, February 22, 2011

every 4 feet, really....

I stood in R.'s room and I mention to my hubby that it seems rather odd that there isn't an outlet on the other side of the wall near the closet. I've learned in the past that builders place outlets approximately 4 feet apart. If that is the case, I'm missing an outlet.

Could I have covered it up with a board? No, I couldn't have done that, could I? After placing all the outlet covers back in place, what do I find? I find an extra outlet cover. So, indeed there is an outlet that has been boarded over.

I rummaged through my stock pile of photos and what do I find? Before I boarded the walls, this is what the room looked like.

and now after the boarded walls...

I blame it on the super bowl. The boys were watching it while I was trying to nail the boards in place on my own. It's very hard to lift a 4x6 feet board and nail it in place on your own. What does that mean for my pretty walls that already have trim nailed on top?

It means that I will have to remove the trim, remove the board, pull out the nails, clean up the caulk, cut out a hole for the outlet, re-nail the board, fill in all the nail holes, touch up the entire board as I am sure there will be a bunch of holes, re-caulk, re-trim, and retouch up. My mistake will cost me heavily in time. Don't you just love renovations???

I could just forget about the missing outlet and call it a day, but my perfectionist mindset just won't let me...so the never ending project lives on...oh, and we were so close to the finish line

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