Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Looking Through a Different Lens

Has there ever been anything you have swooned over, but didn't dare buy because you simply didn't need it?  I've wanted this camera forever, two years to be exact.

Meet my new camera addition, Nikon's D7000.

Ironically enough, the camera that was replaced looks nearly identical to it.  My first DSLR camera was Nikon's D40X.  I LOVE that camera because it is super light and does a pretty good job at shooting outdoor pics.  I've had that camera for 5 years and pretty much after reading up on the D7000 nearly every other day, but refusing to splurge, my hubby took it upon himself to order it for me and then he booked me a wedding photography gig so I could use it right away.  Ain't that sweet???  He went the extra mile and bought me the lens I wanted too.  It's sporting the 18-200mm NIKKOR lens.

So why update to D7000 when I love my D40X?  I wanted a camera that had a higher ISO (can shoot better in less light), a camera that I can see live.  I'm so used to looking through the viewfinder to snap photos, but it is an added bonus that I can see my pictures in real time on the screen beforehand (not having to look through the viewfinder).  It also shoots video which my old camera does not do.   Added bonuses are longer battery life and double SD slots.  It doesn't hurt that I can interchange my current lenses on my new camera which saves me money.  Have I bored you to death yet? 

I wanted to capture both cameras side by side in a picture, but my point and shoot camera's battery was dead.  I contemplated getting Nikon's D800 which definitely makes me drool, but I couldn't justify spending twice as much simply for family pics and blogging.  Plus, the added weight was a turn off since I take my camera everywhere.  Maybe one day (far far far down the line) I may take that leap, but for now, I am SUPER ecstatic about my new addition.  

My hubby wants me to sell my D40X, but I don't think I could possibly do it.  I still have my very first SLR camera that was given to me 18 years ago, the Olympus OM-1.  That was the best film camera I ever had because it didn't require any batteries.  Everything was done by hand, even from the film winding.  I never had to worry about my camera dying on me.  For now, I'll keep my D40X as my backup, but I will definitely be doing cartwheels as I learn all about my D7000 and start using it.  I am SO excited!

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