Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kitchen Renovations - Painted Cabinets

The last time I talked about my sister's kitchen, she had installed beautiful granite counter tops which you can read about here.  I also talked about prepping for the back splash here and installing the range here and the sink here.  Those were great changes, BUT the cabinets were still looking a little drab and it overpowered all the upgrades they had made.  That is, UNTIL they painted the cabinets, but before I do the show and tell, let me remind you of what the kitchen looked like when they first saw it.
Its cute, traditional.  There's a lot of brown, from brown cabinets, to brown walls and ceiling.  Brown tiles and even the grout is brown.  You could drown in a sea of brown in that kitchen so it really looked like a cave, BUT cave no more when you see that her kitchen now looks like this.

It is dark no more.  It is so bright when I am in her kitchen now.  The white cabinets bring the beautiful granite counter tops to life with a high contrast.  Before the white cabinets, it was lost in the sea of brown. 

Even the appliances look SO much better with the new color scheme.


She even has the cutest hardware on the cabinets.

I love the glass knobs she bought from Anthropologie.  

I so love how the kitchen is coming along.

What's in store now?  She's got her back splash to put up, her floors to rip out and the wine rack in the kitchen island needs to be built.  I can't wait so see it all done.


  1. WOW!! I LOVE the new kitchen! Can't wait to see the complete finished product with new floors and backsplash!

    1. Thanks so much! She'll be excited to hear that.


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