Thursday, October 11, 2012

Soul Searching

It seems as though every now and then I get into this funk where I am just unmotivated to do anything creative.  I've blogged about cooking, building, sewing, landscaping, my kids, and pretty much whatever else is going on in my life.  Its not that I lack projects because if I were to list out everything I want and need to do, the list would be pretty long.  Yet, I stare at the pile of wood that sits in my garage waiting for me to transform into a bed, well three beds to be exact and I'm just not motivated to start.  I walk by my chandelier that sits on the dining room floor waiting to be hung and I see my paint sitting right in my mud room awaiting for me to open and use yet once again I am lacking the enthusiasm to even start the project.

I simply don't know what will get me past this hump in the road.  Perhaps I just need to push myself and open my new saw that I bought months ago (so that I could build my bed) and start.  I know that once I start, there's no turning back, but starting seems to be a problem these days so I'll pre-apologize if my blog seems to slow down a bit on the creative side.  I will be concentrating on things that may be a little boring for this blog, like reading for the book club that I just started, taking a photography class just for the fun of it, or re-learning how to knit.

In the meanwhile, I hope to be still creating, but perhaps at a slower scale, but then again who knows..maybe blowing the dust off my makita this weekend will get me going again.  I'll keep you posted.

Since a blog is always better with pictures.  Here are my kiddos last Halloween happy as ever.

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