Friday, September 17, 2010

Flower headbands

I've been loving flowered headbands lately. So much so that I bought this one at Target for $10.

I looked at it and realized that, yes I can make that, but I didn't want to so I went ahead and bought it. Then my sister bought me this at H&M for only $3.95.

I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. I decided to make my own flower headband this weekend. This is what I came up with.

To make this, you will need tulle, beads, thread and a headband.

Layer the tulle 20-30 times by folding it back and forth, the size of your flower template.

Pin the tulle down around the edges and in the center of the tulle.

Cut the tulle, following the flower template.

Once cut, it should look something like this:

Rotate the layers of tulle in different directions.

Sew the center of the flower so that it doesn't shift.

Now thread the glass beads.

You can bead them straight to the thread of the flower.

When you are done, you have a cute tulle flower.

Put it on a headband, and voila!

My sister modeling my product.

I decided to make a smaller one for me.


I simply love how it turned out.

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