Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making Artwork from Your Computer

I am redoing J.'s room and needed some artwork for his walls. Since he loves playing video games. I decided to frame some of his favorite games on the wall.

I found a website that has wii box covers you can print out.

I cut off the back of the box cover using a paper cutter.

I took a frame that I bought at my company's surplus sale.

I think people thought I was nuts to buy this print. I wasn't looking at the print when I bought it. I was only looking at the nice silver frame that came with it. For only a buck, it was definitely a steal.

I pasted the prints on the back of the print.

I laid the images and then framed them.

I like it. I decided to make the second one with less images and I think it turned out better.

For only $2.00, I think this was a nice solution for some video game artwork.

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