Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids say the Darnedest things

Kids say the darnedest things, especially in my household. I have kids ranging from 13 down to 2. It's funny what they say sometimes. Here are some recent conversations I have had with my kiddos. Keep in mind their ages when reading what they have to say.

From the 6 year old:

E.: "R. come play with me upstairs. "
R: "No, I want to play my DS right now. "
E: "Please, come on."
Mom: "E, I’ll play with you. Let’s go."
E: "No, I want to play with someone cuter."

E: "Dad, why does that car have a tire on the back of the trunk."
Dad: "So they can have an extra one just in case something happens to one of their 4 tires."
E: "Does, everyone have 5 tires?"
Dad: "Yes."
E: "Where’s your fifth tire?"
Dad: "It’s in the trunk."
E: "How does it fit?"
Dad: "It’s a smaller tire."
E: "Smaller than the other 4 tires?"
Dad: "Yes,"
E: "Will it blow up to size when you put it on the car?"

From the 4 year old:

Mom: "R, what do you want for breakfast this morning? Cereal?"
R: "No, I want pork chops and squash."
Mom: "For breakfast?"
R: "Yes, I LOVE your squash and pork chops and Mom, I want rice too!"

From the 13 year old:

Mom: "J, do your homework."
J: "I'm a kid and I'm supposed to be having the time of my life and you are making me waste it."
Mom: "You need to pick up your grades by doing your assignments."
J: "Please stop invading my privacy by looking at my grades. They belong to me and you have no right to look at them"
Mom: "Find me another parent that thinks checking your grades is a bad idea and I may reconsider."
J: *huffs*
Mom: "Did you think of one yet?"

From the 2 year old:

Mom: "A. You stink, did you poo?"
A: "I'm a pooping a-cheen.."
Mom: "Get a diaper and tell Dad that."
A: "Dad, I'm a pooping a-cheen..change my diaper."

What do your kids say to you?


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