Sunday, September 26, 2010

Owl Cupcakes

E.'s school was having a PTA picnic so we decided to make some cupcakes for our dessert. We made some strawberry cupcakes.

If the cupcakes aren't for a party, I don't usually decorate it because I don't usually eat frosting and it's only E. and I who eat cupcakes in our household. Hard to imagine, huh?

Fortunately for us my sister came over with a huge bag of decorating goodies and a cupcake book for ideas to help us decorate. We ended up making some owl cupcakes.

First we spread half a cupcake with chocolate frosting.

Then we cut an oreo in half for the ears and piped on more chocolate frosting for the "fur". We put chocolate frosting in a plastic bag and cut the end of the tip in a "v" shape.

The other half of the oreo, we adhered a junior mint with some more chocolate frosting to make the eyes. We added a dab of white frosting for the pupil.

We added the eyes to the cupcake then used a banana runt for the nose.

We decided to make mini-cupcakes as well. For those, we used the snack sized oreos and mini m&m's for the eyes.

We have a dozen decorated cupcakes, but no eaters...hmm...I guess they are going to work on Monday. "WHoo WHoo would like some?"

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