Friday, September 10, 2010

Lego Book

My kids LOVE legos. In fact, we go to the Lego mini-build event every month. All around the house, we have these:

The kids have dozens of sets that they have been lost in the shuffle as they take things apart to create other things using their imagination.

Throughout the years, we have collected a large assortment of instruction manuals that have come with their sets. Until recently, they have been placed in a large ziplock bag.

Cleaning out J.'s room and trying to get him organized gave me an idea of how to store all his Lego manuals.

Thanks to the clearance aisle at Target, I found these clear plastic covers.

I placed each manual inside the plastic cover and then bound them into a 3-ring binder.

The covers had different colors which made it easy to color code all the Lego manuals (Creator sets are red, Harry Potter sets are Yellow, etc.) Yes, I know, it's a little crazy.

We ended up with 2 binders of Lego manuals which the kids had a fabulous time flipping through. They were excited to be building some of their old sets which is exactly what I was aiming to do (that and to be completely organized at the same time). What could be greater than that?

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