Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Double check your receipts

I always print out my receipt at the gas station. I guess I believe that I am less likely to get scammed if I have proof of what I should have been charged. This morning, checking my receipt paid off.

After pumping gas this morning, I checked my receipt and noticed that it charged me an extra 30 cents for every gallon. I looked on the pump and noticed it wasn't a printing error, but an actual transaction error. So what did I do at 4:30 in the morning? I marched right into the the gas station and demanded the price difference. I ended up saving $6. I know, it's only $6, but if you knew me, I probably would have done it for 60 cents because I don't believe in wasting a penny.

My double checking doesn't stop at the gas station. I never walk out of any store without rechecking the receipt. On average, I am overcharged on at least one item at Wally Mart EVERY time. They probably stopped their policy of giving you the item for free or $3 cash back if they price you wrong because of customers like me. Not only should you check for prices, you need to check your coupon scans as well. I am finding that cashiers are entering in the wrong amount by accident. Last week, instead of getting a $5.00 discount, the cashier entered only a 50 cent coupon discount. Also, if you bring in your own bags at Target, be sure they give you credit for that (some cashiers are unaware of this discount). In this economy, every penny counts!

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