Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My miracle cleaner

A few weeks ago, I ran out of my normal cleaner while scrubbing my sink so I decided to use some baking soda. I had heard it was a good cleaner, but never really used it for anything other than cooking. It did a fabulous job removing coffee stains and making my sink look nice and shiny.

Today, I was scrubbing my cook top down like I normally do. Every week, I have to take out the knife (yes knife) to scrape off all the dried grease which is barely noticeable at an angle (but I am a clean freak). When I read the instructions of the glass cleaner to pull out a knife, I had to double read it just in case, but it does work. It is a lot of scraping, but eventually it does come off. Today, after spending quite some time cleaning the cook top, I decided to try baking soda since I had such a wonderful experience with it before. Within seconds, my cook top was spotless. It looked absolutely new.

I am sure almost all of you know the secret of using baking soda as a cleaning agent, but it is new to me. To be able to clean without chemicals and clean better than any chemical in less time was a great discovery. When I showed my husband what it did, he started using it to clean everything else in the house! Hmmm..don't know if that is more of a miracle that he was cleaning or the discovery of baking soda. Either way, I'm not complaining.

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