Friday, December 3, 2010

Operation Sewing Machine

My sewing machine has been on the blitz for quite some time now. I've had to borrow my sister's. I grew up with my mom's all metal sewing machine that I could clean and take a part with ease. When I moved up here, I had to buy another sewing machine for myself and with all the bells and whistles to make life easier, it made taking it apart more difficult.

After I complained how much I loved my machine and I didn't want to replace it with anything but the same one (which is no longer sold), my hubby said he would take a look at it. When he opened it up, it was filled with lint.

After some dust removal and the addition of oil, my sewing machine is now back in working order.

The tool that got my sewing machine opened was none other than a quarter. Thanks honey! Of course, when my sewing machine was put back together, my hubby handed me a stack of pants he needed hemming. I suppose that was the real motivation to wanting to fix my machine. Too bad, I normally hand sew his dress pants to keep the stitches hidden, but I'll keep that secret to myself just in case my sewing machine needs some more TLC later on. :)

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