Friday, December 30, 2011

Cake Pops!

The last time I made cake pops, I thought it was somewhat of a disaster. The typical way of crumbling the cake and forming the ball and freezing them was too much work for me and a little too sweet. Plus, my cake balls were anything, but perfectly they are here (some what).

I found this cake pop (donut hole) machine and I'm in love.

I, first made a batch of their sour donuts and vanilla glaze and it was a hit! Next, I decided to reattempt my cake pop experience. Looky here, only 4 minutes later and perfectly round cake extra crumbling or frosting needed.

Cooling on the rack that was provided.

When I ran out of room, I just used an egg carton.

After a dip into some melted chocolate and some candy melts, followed by a colorful sprinkling, I've made my cake pops for R.'s birthday!

I simply love how they turned out and it couldn't have been any easier.

I will definitely make these again, as well as the donut holes!

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