Friday, December 9, 2011

Nintendo 3DS for $101.44

Looking for a great deal on the Nintendo 3DS?

This is what my boys are asking for Christmas. Target has a three day sale on the 3ds. Buy a 3ds for $169.99 and receive a $50 gift card. Plus, if you spend $50, you will get another $10 gift card (Target Coupon found on their site). Target Visa holders will also get an additional 5% off. That drops the price down to $101.49! Oh, and if you bring your own bag, that's another 5 cents off. I bought mine in separate transactions and was able to use the gift cards from one purchase on another. If you want this deal, you better hurry, Target's sale ends on Saturday.

As far as games, I've noticed dropping their prices on various games each day. I was able to purchase the nintendogs for only $7.99 yesterday. It retails for $39.99. Today's game for sale looks to be Dream Trigger for $9.50 and that retails for $29.99. Happy Shopping!


  1. Nintendo 3DS is now quite famous topic for discussion. I like the most its specification. I have also caught gift card and i got r4 card with Nintendo 3DS which is nicely fitted into my slot.

  2. This is the wonder-full offer for nintendo then ever seen before.


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