Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Favorite Recipes

I finally did it. I made my own little cookbook with all my favorite recipes.

Okay, so I made 2 books.

It took forever, 12 hours, give or take to be exact. I made it on shutterfly, but after experiencing their newest software for photo books, I'm not sure I will endure all the frustration of how slow their new program is. Their customization they have enabled is great, but every change takes so long to update and therefore, wastes a lot of time. That said, I do like how the book turned out.

I included a lot of my favorite recipes with personal pictures of my family making them.

It brought back such great memories when I rummaged through old photos for this book.

Some of my favorite recipes were written on scratch paper and other recipes I don't have printed at all, so I have to look at my blog for it. It's nice having it nicely typed out.

I even added a few pages for the index for easy flipping.

I'm so excited this task is finally checked off my list. I've been wanting to do this for over a year! How do you store your favorite recipes?


  1. I absolutely LOVE your cookbook! The hardest thing for me is to decide on a layout. Can I ask you if you put desserts in a separate cookbook or did you mix and match your favorite recipes in one cookbook? Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks Sheila for your kind words. I put all my recipes in one book, but kept all the desserts in one section. In the back, I had both a picture and a written alphabetized index for quick finds. Good luck with your book!


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