Friday, February 19, 2010

Camera Lens Dilemma

I miss my camera lens. It broke over our wintry weekend and life hasn't been the same. Here is my camera
I got it for Christmas a few years ago. It replaced my Olympus C-50 Point and Shoot camera that I also love.My son, E has inherited that camera. The 5 megapixel camera is a huge upgrade to his 1.5 megapixel Kid Tough camera I bought him when he was 3. The camera is still very popular with my other kids so money is not wasted. It has definitely been thrown around, dropped, splashed and still keeps on going.
That is not the case with my lens. Here it is:
This 18-55mm lens is a great lens that I simply can't live without. I do have the 55-200mm lens for zooming, but it isn't so practical for every day pictures. Having to stand many feet back to take a snapshot of my kiddos is difficult, especially when my kids hate standing still.
So, here is my dilemma. I could re-buy my 18-55mm lens or I could upgrade. I could replace my lens new for about $120. I did a little research and I also like this 35mm lens because it shoots in lower lighting which is great for indoor shots. However, it doesn't zoom. It sells new for about $200 if you can find it. These lenses have definitely kept its value and sells for relatively the same price on ebay for a used one.
I could go the complete opposite and upgrade my lens to a super duper deluxe, 18-200mm lens. This beauty is over $1000, but I can probably purchase it for around $650-700 on ebay. That is expensive, BUT if I buy this lens, I would be able to sell my 55-200mm lens for roughly $200 so I would only be spending $450-500.
It would be great to not have to switch back and forth between my lenses and to carry this one and only lens. The only bad thing I would say about this lens is that since it is bigger than my other lens, therefore, it is heavier. I generally like a lighter camera since I am already lugging around the diaper bag. I did get an offer on craigslist when I posted a "Want To Buy" posting for the lenses. I could get the 35mm lens for $160 OR I could get the 18-55mm AND this flash for $160.
This is the flash that I want and was looking to get. Both are pretty good offers. I am just not sold on which purchase to make. Which lens would you buy?

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