Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monthly Lego Mini Build

I am always looking for things my kids can do for fun. When it is free, that is even better. Right now, my kids are really into building legos. We have many different sets and we are always adding to their collection. Since these tiny blocks are virtually indestructible and it can keep them busy for quite some time, it is definitely a nice addition to our toy closet. The only bad thing I could think about is that it rarely goes on sale. This is good and bad. It is bad when you are trying to buy the latest model, but it is also good because it retains its resell value. The star wars and indiana jones sets often sell for more than original price, especially when they become discontinued.

For all those lego builders out there, kids can build a free mini-build set each month at the Lego store. My kids absolutely love it. A new model is available every month that is specially themed for that month. The kids always look forward to going. This month's mini-build is the ground hog shown above. While waiting to go inside the store to build, I bring homework, projects, and definitely snacks to keep them all occupied. They also hand out club lego magazines as you wait, but my kids breeze through them so quickly that having those extra snacks goes a long way. If your kids are into legos, this is definitely an activity worth checking out.

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