Monday, February 1, 2010

Personalized ID Tags

One of the reasons I love shopping at Pottery Barn are the personalized items they sell. I would personalize everything if I could. I bought an embroidery machine years ago, just so that I could personalize my kids towels, pillow cases, and backpacks with their names. Although, I don't recommend personalizing their backpacks with their names if they are no longer in pre-school. I don't like strangers knowing my kids' name. I will tag the interior of their backpacks, but I won't have any identification on the surface. With four boys, there is a lot of fighting about what belongs to who so having their names on their items clears up a lot of arguing.

When we adopted Daisy, she did have a her electronic ID tag that identifies the company that will in turn contact us. However, I wanted a tag that identified her name and our phone number directly, cutting out the middle person. It is nice to have that electronic chip, but if I can get her back sooner, I'd rather go that route. I found these really cute ID tags that are double sided. One side has her name while the other has all our information.

I chose a pink bone shape tag and added the butterfly as my image. I think it is adorable.
It comes in all different colors, shapes, sizes, and fonts which made it really fun to create. What I thought was even more interesting was that you can also make Medical ID tags because they had the Medical Alert Symbol as one of their images you could imprint on the tag. I thought that was really nice. I think that I will definitely order some of those tags, identifying my kids with their allergies and our phone number. You can choose shapes that your kids are interested in like a baseball or a flower. The possibilities are endless. What was even better was the price. For a single sided ID tag it was less than $3. I paid $3.49 for my double-sided one, BUT because I had ebay bucks, this tag was bought for the lovely price tag of 75 cents. It would have been cheaper if I didn't have to pay for tax. For the quality of the tag, it was worth the original price tag.

Here is A loving his doggie. This once very timid little boy who ran as fast as he could to escape the endless licks from daisy is now chasing his "daisy doggie" around everywhere, loving every bit of her. As A would say, "mon ey (mommy), it's my dog ee, mine..."

Aren't they the most adorable thing ever?

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