Monday, March 14, 2011

Boat Picnic Table

This past weekend, I spent my hours cleaning the garage. We had to stop mid-way because all my trashcans and recycle containers were all filled. I tend to buy a lot of things out of season because it saves me money. A couple of months ago, my husband calls me to ask me if I wanted to buy the kids a picnic table. We had 2 for the kids already. I built this one last summer.

I was hesitant about buying any furniture that we didn't need. However, after I heard the price, I told him to go for it because I could definitely resell it if it wasn't used. I sold one of the picnic tables we had for the kids during the garage sale. It was pretty ugly, but it did the job. While I was cleaning my garage this morning, I decided to put the boat picnic table together and just store it in the kids playroom. I had just recently torn down their play house so there was plenty of room.

I'll put it outside when we get some swimming weather. Until then, we have had a blast playing restaurant. I love it. We all can fit comfortably so it is great.

It will be perfect near our lagoonish pool. Total price tag on the boat picnic table was $99 (because they were clearancing out all of their summer outdoor furniture)!!! I can't build this for that price so it was a great deal. My hubby did me proud with his bargain hunting. We had to store it and wait months before we we'll get to use it, but it was worth it for the great price.

Simply can't wait for summer.

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